The Next Level

by 20SIX Hundred

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20SIX Hundred's second album takes us to new heights - beyond our galaxy - into deep space. Lush synthetic brass, crisp ambiance and a hint of urgency bring the listener to The Next Level.

Join us, as we break the bonds of our Human clothes and try to advance beyond the everyday tasks of living. This planet is about to be recycled, and civilization refurbished in order to wipe the slate clean for the next Earthly civilization. We are being called by a higher source to a meeting place in the clouds. Our away team has assembled, boarding pass in hand. All you have to do to survive is leave with us.

"...this is an excellent listen for any fans of retro soundtracks, and is without a doubt a Synthetix Reference Experience due to the cohesiveness of the ideas that are realised so vividly and the creativity and vision 20SIX Hundred has explored in each track." -


released December 12, 2014

All music written and performed by 20SIX Hundred (Darren Jones)
Copyright 2014 Cymbaline Productions



all rights reserved


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20SIX Hundred Vancouver, British Columbia

Inspired by the darker side of cinema, the music of 20SIX Hundred reaches deep into the imagination of a future not yet realized. Synth heavy and action oriented ambience drenched in the neon glow of mid-eighties electronica. Close your eyes, let go of your fears, and drive into the darkness. ... more

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Track Name: The Next Level
The Next Level
it is time for civilization to be recycled - "spaded under.” The response of the world to the Next Level will be monitored very carefully. What happens next remains in the balance. It has been given that what you do with this - how you respond to us - is strictly up to you.

This changeover is nearing completion, and before the "away team" returns, representatives of the "Class" are instructed to put this information before the public. The Next Level will determine the future of each individual according to its response to this information and the Next Level's Representatives. Those who have shown their commitment to the Next Level will be saved and replanted back here at a later season. Those who do not, have chosen death over life.
Track Name: Last Chance (A Message)
Last Chance (A Message)
I’ll tell you who I am. As to whether or not you believe who I am or not, is up to you. I come from the Kingdom Level above Human. And if you want to go there, then you have to follow me cuz I’m the guy whose got the key, at the moment. You leave behind everything of Human ways, Human behaviour, Human ignorance. It means that even the mind that you had as a Human is aborted. And the soul that was given to you is filled with Next Level information, Next Level mind and a new creature is born. This is your chance. I’m here. I can take you out of here. I can lead you to that Kingdom Level Above Human. That can’t happen unless you leave the Human world that your in and come and follow me. Time is short. Last chance…